1. Consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character: a book of miscellaneous essays on American history.

2. Having various qualities, aspects, or subjects: a miscellaneous discussion.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Apples for Teachers; Pumpkins for Kiddies

For the last couple of weeks I’ve felt “left out” of the latest obsessions on my party planning/crafting/cooking blogs.  Their focus has been on Back-To-School and Halloween, as it should be.

I’m in absolutely no rush for Kyla to start school., even PREschool for that matter.  But since I always loved school right through college, I feel there is something nostalgic about new notebooks and pencils and things.  Sure, elementary school-age kids are now shopping for laptops when I was happy to get a new “Trapper Keeper” in the same grade.  But the anticipation, excitement and nervous feelings surely pass from generation to generation.

My favorite blogs presented all sorts of back to school treats, recipes for nutritious lunches and after-school snacks, and ways to say thanks to the teachers.  I looked at them, albeit briefly, wistfully thinking of what I will do when Kyla starts school.  I am insanely happy that her birthday is in March so that I can take baked goods to her class on her special day!

I realize that Kyla is still a bit too young to fully appreciate Halloween and all the fun and excitement that comes with the holiday.  This year she is learning all about the Disney princesses, and has decided that Belle is her favorite.  That will mean a trip to the Disney store for a Princess Belle costume.  (It will serve double duty when we go to Disney World for the first time with her this December.)

My best friend’s daughter Emma will turn seven in November.  Naturally she feels like a big girl around Kyla, but they have a wonderful time together whenever they play.  Now that Kyla “is older” according to Emma, she wants to go Trick or Treating with her this year.  Emma could run circles around Kyla when it comes to scoring candy.  But something tells me that true to her sweet and caring nature, she will make sure she stays in step with Kyla and doesn’t get (too much) more candy.

I read the adorable ideas for Halloween parties and treats and look forward to the days that I can plan an actual party for Kyla and her friends.  I’m sure parents who have “been there done that” will think I am crazy for wanting these things.  I am not wishing her toddler and preschool years away by any means.  It’s just that there are so many inspiring and amazing ideas out there!

I suppose that this year I will quell my penchant for parties by focusing on other “nesting” activities.  I’ll stock our pantry with all sorts of fall favorites.  I’ll do extra baking.  I’ll find cozy afghans to put around the house for snuggling, and I’ll make sure we have plenty of wood for our fireplace.  Oh, and I just might store those ideas on my computer… before I know it, I’ll be needing them!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where have you been, Elaine?

I’ve been remiss in posting blogs lately.  It’s not for lack of activity in the Fischer home!  Kyla and I have been doing our best to squeeze in some late-summer swimming, and I’m also doing my best to get some of my DIY projects accomplished.

It amazes me, the vast amount of frugality and creativity and talent that is swirling around the blogosphere.  As I have mentioned the best I can do is copy others.  I have yet to have an original idea pop in to my mind.  I’m OK with that.  I don’t mind letting others think of things for me!  Reading all those other blogs certainly could take up my entire day, but I do my best to not let that happen.  (At least on a regular basis.)

My vintage/Shabby Chic bathroom makeover is nearly complete and I will soon post before and after photos.  I am also in the process of obsessing over a new look for our bedroom, trying to figure out how to re-do our entire living room for less than $1,500 (new furniture and all!) and trying to tie in the future look of our living room with a coordinating look for our dinette & kitchen.

When I’m not reading to Kyla or changing her wet swimsuit; when I’m not trying to find a DIY project that someone who is power tool-challenged can replicate; when I’m not going to the library for a new armful of cookbooks and decorating books I’m most likely involved in some “nesting” activity like washing all our cozy afghans to be ready for the chilly fall evenings, or looking online for a recipe containing pumpkin.

I am also trying to decide if I should move Ms. Elaine Kneeous over to FranklinNOW.com rather than keeping it on Blogspot.  I would enjoy more readership if I moved but there are some technical aspects of their system that I’m not sure I want to deal with.  You will soon find out if I’ve made the move!  Thanks for reading, in either case.

I look forward to sharing lots of new ideas and posting more fun things VERY soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Barking Lot (09/03/11)

Every week, Kevin & I collaborate on a dog feature called The Barking Lot.  It began as my idea since I am completely dog-obsessed.  What started as a simple guest blog on This Just In has blossomed into a widely-read, much-enjoyed regular installment.  We give the dog-walking weather forecast, then it’s my main article, then Dogs In The News which is Kevin’s contribution, a photo, and a closing video.  Let all your dog loving friends know about this special Saturday feature!

This week, I say "goodbye" to a VERY special dog in my life.  And, there are lots of good stories in Dogs In The News, too.