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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kyla's Korner - Put Your Swimsuit On!

For the past three weeks, Kevin & I have spent 30 minutes twice a week in Franklin High School’s pool with Kyla.  She is taking her second year of “Little Dippers” swim class.  I don’t expect her to be the next female version of Michael Phelps.  I just want her to feel comfortable in the water.  Not only will it make summer more enjoyable for her as she gets older, it could save her life.

I am not a strong swimmer.  Actually, I am not a swimmer at all.  I have to have my feet touch the bottom of any body of water I am in whether it’s the Pacific Ocean or my friend’s swimming pool.  I have never jumped off a diving board, nor have I opened my eyes under water.  Basically I sink like a rock.  I suppose I could tread water in an attempt to save MY life, but I certainly could not save anyone else’s life in a water-related emergency.  I do not want Kyla to be in the same boat I am, so to speak.

So far she is enjoying her classes very much.  Every morning when she wakes up, after asking for her Daddy, she exclaims, “Big pool!”  She is not intimidated by the water at all.  Granted, one of us is holding her at all times and she’s not exactly ready for water polo.  What would happen if, God forbid, she fell into the pool and we weren’t right next to her?  Obviously, I don’t intend to find the answer.  I think it would take a miracle for her to suddenly think “I can swim” and saver herself after a total of two six-week courses one year apart.

But you just never know when those swim lessons will pay off and possibly save a toddler’s life. 

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