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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tea & Love

Yesterday I hosted a tea party for my best friend Michele, her six-year-old daughter Emma, and Michele’s mom Mary.  It was to honor the memory of little Ava.

In the morning while I was making cupcakes and strawberry tartlets, Kyla was beyond perfect.  Usually when I am cooking or baking and she knows “something” is going on that is out of the ordinary she is underfoot, needy or otherwise distracting.  Not yesterday.  She was angelic.  She sampled the strawberry cream cheese frosting for the cupcakes and responded with, “Mmmm, dish-ish Mommy!”  Yes, that would mean “delicious.”

I told her that Emma was coming for a tea party and she kept repeating, “Emma, tea party!” as if chanting that would make it happen faster.  She was happy to get dressed in her pink plaid shorts and t-shirt that says “I © Cupcakes.”  She also wore a new necklace Daddy bought her over the weekend at Irish Fest.  It was from our favorite jewelry vendor there that annually makes Mommy & Daughter smile and Daddy wince at the sales receipt. 

Emma & Kyla spent the afternoon playing and Michele, Mary and I chatted about everything under the sun.  It was a perfect time.  I always love having those ladies over but yesterday it was all about celebrating the love you have for your daughter(s) and cherishing them.  We toasted Ava’s memory and wished her happy birthday and silently counted our blessings.  I plan to make this an annual event for us.  It will be a lovely “just before back to school” tradition.  The three of us moms don’t need a reason to hug & kiss our daughters but a reminder about how precious and fragile life is, that’s something everyone needs occasionally.

Last night as Kyla was winding down and getting sleepy, she called in to the kitchen where I was tidying up:  “Mamma, snuggle…”  So I dropped what I was doing and went to the living room to lie down next to her.  I was rubbing her back and stroking her hair and I asked, “Am I snuggling OK?  Am I doing this right?”  A contented “yes” was her answer and that was all I needed, at that moment or ever.

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michele said...

Thank you for wonderful afternoon. You are an amazing hostess and what a great tradition. Sometimes we can get caught up in the day to day and forget how really blessed we are. Ava's tea party was a great reminder!